And in the evening,
When the gap closes
And the salt congeals

And the tension abates
When eyelids blink
And the sea opens up

And my hands unclasp
When I see you
And recognise myself in you

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︎ Short film

Narrative short film | Clara: Antonia Bill | Jonathan: Alexander Ziegenbein | Directors: Konstantin Rall, Zeehyun Soh | Camera: Claire Jahn | Lighting: Anthony Tenambergen.

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Genre: Drama | Country of production: Germany | Year of production: 2019 | Running time: 15 Minutes | Shooting format: 4K | Aspect ratio: 2.4:1 | Sound: 5.1 | Language: German, choice of English or French subtitles.

FBW (German Film and Media Review): Seal of Approval: 'Highly Recommended'.

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